Samahquam Nation

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"The recently re-constructed community of Baptiste-Smith, located at the southwest end of Little Lillooet Lake on the Lillooet River system, is the newest of those along the Lillooet River. It is the current residence of members of the Samahquam [shah-MAH-kwum] Nation, who had previously lived on the Samahquam Reserve (I.R. 1) about 5 kilometres south of Baptiste-Smith (I.R. 1b)."[[1363]]

Community information

The village of Samahquam at southeast end of Little Lillooet Lake dates back centuries and perhaps even millennia. In historic times, the town of 29-Mile House was built beside the eastern arm of the village and it served as the end of the first portage along the Harrison-Lillooet route and a point of embarkment for steamships. In the 1950s, the Samahquam Nation dispersed to other reserves where better economic opportunities could be found. In recent times, new houses have been built at Samahquam and families have moved back to the village. "The majority of schoolchildren from this community attend the Xit'olacw community school in Mount Currie, and Pemberton Elementary. The majority of high school students living on reserve attend the Mount Currie School, Pemberton Secondary, or Mission Secondary."[[1363]]

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Language information

The Samahquam speak Ucwalmícwts (Lower St̓át̓imc).

Historically known as:

Samakwa Band
(604) 894-3355

LNA 1s

Title Submitted Organization/First Nation/Government Language
LNA6512 - Pa'La7Wit Society of the Lower Lillooet Lake Submitted Pa'La7Wit Society of the Lower Lillooet Lake St̓át̓imcets
LNA6228 - Samahquam Submitted Samahquam St̓át̓imcets
LNA3762 - Head of the Lake School Submitted Head of the Lake School St̓át̓imcets